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E Mega Blog welcomes all interested and talented writers to shower their insights and grab eyeballs of million viewers through our blogging site. We aspire to create a world for information, artistry and entertainment. The pact schedules and the weariness of our daily mundane lives have made it almost impossible for people to catch a break for a movie or a good novel. Hence, the emergence of blogging has bridged the gap between busy lives and respite through short informative blog posts. Our blogging site aims to provide all sorts of information along with a touch of story-telling atmosphere for readers to feel the beats of relaxation.

Here are some of the simple guidelines you need to follow when writing for E Mega Blog:

  • Word Limit should be within 350-500.
  • Your blog cannot be grammatically flawed.
  • Give your post the most unique titles that would help grab the reader’s attention.
  • Topics accepted here are as follows:




Science fiction