How many times has it happened that you have accidentally closed a tab on your Google Chrome browser before you were finished with it? If you are in the habit of browsing through multiple tabs at the same time, the answer is too many times to count. Managing between several tabs can be difficult, and users often end up closing a tab accidentally.

Google’s Chrome Canary browser is currently testing a new feature which will make it easier to find your recently closed tabs and restore them. Currently, if Chrome users want to open a recently closed tab, they have to go to the History menu and select the tab to restore it again.

Recently, Chrome rolled out a new feature – Search Tabs button – that lets you see all the open tabs you have in a window in a dropdown menu. This makes it easier to navigate through multiple tabs if you have too many tabs open at the same time. The Search Tabs button appears just left of the minimize button at the top of the browser, and you can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+Shift+A’ to open it.

Google Chrome Update

In the new feature being tested in the Chrome Canary browser, the Search Tabs button will now also show a list of recently closed tabs. This will give users a quicker access to recently closed tabs and allow them to restore it more easily. Right now, they have to navigate the History window from the browser’s menu bar.  The new feature is still under review and there is no guarantee if it will make it to the main browser.

If and when the new feature is added onto the Google Chrome browser, it will greatly improve the browsing experience for many users. Re-opening your recently closed tabs will become a hassle-free exercise hopefully very soon.

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