Biomimicry is the study of nature and its functions so that its systems and processes can be used to enhance existing technologies or come up with newer ones. Below are a few nature’s models that have led to innovative ideas that have solved many design and sustainability challenges.

Echolocation inspired Ultracanes
It is a known fact that bats’ ears are more active than their ears at night. They use echo to detect their prey around them. This technique is called echolocation and it has inspired “Ultracane” to use the same system in warning blind people of the obstacles in their paths; big or small.

Human teeth and crash-resistant aircrafts
Ever wondered how strong the human teeth are? As strong as glass; strong enough to withstand lifelong chewing, its exterior coating has a number of tiny cracks that can heal over time. Engineers are quite fascinated by this technique and plan to replicate this in a synthetic material that could be used to make aircrafts, light in weight and crash-resistant.

Sensitive camera and human lenses inspired by geckos’ eyes
We all know the camera is inspired by the human eye. Now that the scientists know geckos’ eyes see colours at night and are 350 times more sensitive than human eyes, they believe they may utilise this technique in developing more sensitive and effective cameras and multi focal contact lenses.

Painless surgical needles
The devious mosquito sting has made researchers believe that this method may help in developing painless or less painful needles. The engineers working on this have taken ideas from the mosquito’s needle-like mouth to design a minimally invasive needle.

Woodpecker skulls and black boxes
Woodpeckers are famously known to build their nests in the holes that they dig in tree trunks. This seems quite tedious and yet they keep doing it. Ever wondered how? It is because their skulls have built-in shock absorbers.

The scientists have been influenced by the way their skulls and beaks are made and work, and have introduced this in making the black boxes, that are flight recorders, shock-resistant.

It is strange nature works so amazingly. The animals belonging to the lesser kingdoms survive via such interesting systems that challenge science and technology. Humans have been entirely welcoming in bringing such models to use for human life. Animals, in some way or the other, have offered a lot to mankind. There are still so many concepts that humans have been trying to imply. We can only hope we are successful in implying them to our daily lives.

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