Though no official announcement has been made, the fans are excited to know that PUBG Mobile India is about to be relaunched after its ban in September 2020 due to privacy issues. Many users were disheartened on learning that they would not be able to play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) anymore after September. The relaunch has nothing but made several hearts skip due to sheer excitement.

It is a known fact that the PUBG Mobile Corp has had its own share of struggles in getting the game back to business. The first and the most important step taken by the corporation was to do away with China’s Tencent as the publisher and to bring in Korean Krafton. Also, PUBG Corp has collaborated with Microsoft Azure for hosting all its games.

Popular Youtuber and PUBG Mobile content creator Luv Sharma, who goes by the name GODNiXON, let his audience know that PUBG Mobile India, after a lot of hardships, has finally been approved by the Government of India for its relaunch. His exact post was “PUBG Mobile India Update! Government Approved”.

Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhare), another famous content creator and PUBG Mobile pro gamer, recently tweeted that he had no plans of letting out this piece of information to his audience but their love and support made him do it. Nevertheless, he requested them not to ask him the date of relaunch as he would not disclose it. He even announced that the coming two months will keep PUBG lovers busy and entertained.

The ban of PUBG Mobile India came as a shocker to many. Ever Since the ban, the makers have been trying hard to get approval for its relaunch. The PUBG Corporation also made a version of the game that is less violent and gory so that it gets accepted by both the Government and the eagerly awaited fans.

The speculations of the game’s relaunch in India started with a job posted on LinkedIn looking for an Investment and Strategy Analyst. The earlier guesses took the fans by surprise and now the announcements by the content creators have made the fans desperate for the relaunch.

It should be kept in mind that there has still not been an official announcement by the company. Even though the strings are kept hanging, the PUBG fever seems to rise with each passing day.

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