Food is universal love. Not many are there who despise food. It is just like that one friend who lifts up the mood during the low phases of life. Food is comfort, food is support. A basic necessity, it has been commercialised by food lovers.

The pandemic may be stopping you from stepping outside your country, but if you happen to visit these places do try out their cuisine that would be all authentic and have flavours of its country.

  1. Vietnam – Vietnamese cuisine’s each dish has a typical flavour that is a combination of five fundamental tastes. 
  1. Bún bò Huế – Beef bones, pig’s feet, fermented shrimp paste, dried chilies, and lemongrass give the soup the taste and enhances the flavour. The noodle soup is spicy and is mostly served with mint leaves, lime and bean sprouts. 
  2. Cơm tấm – Grilled pork is mixed with shredded pork, shredded pork skin and fried ground rice. It is served with sweet and sour fish sauce along with veggies, steamed egg and grilled prawns.
  3. Gỏi cuốn – These are fresh rice-paper rolls that include shrimp, rice vermicelli, herbs, pork, dipped in nước chấm or peanut sauce. 
  4. Chả lụa – It is basically ground lean pork, fish or tofu and potato starch sausage.

2. Italy – The Italian cuisine is a mixture of Germanic, Roman and Arab                                     tastes.

  1. Pizza – It is one of the most loved food items in the world. Based on an individual’s preference, it can be with or without meat.
  2. Pasta – It is available in different shapes and colours. Many people outside Italy are fond of pasta
  3. Panna cotta – It is basically a pudding that is served with berries, caramel or chocolate sauce and other fruits. 

3. India – Indian cuisine is quite famous for the spices used and the tempting aroma. Each region has a different range of food items that taste completely different and unique ways of preparing them.

  1. Biryani – Introduced by the Mughals, one may find different types of Biryani in India. Made either from mutton, chicken or beef, it may either have potatoes, egg, both or neither in it.
  2. Kadhi – A comfort food for vegetarians, it is made of curd and besan. It tastes best when had with rice.
  3. Rajma chawal – Red kidney beans in gravy, rajma tastes heavenly and is usually served with rice.
  4. Dahi vada – Made from lentils and curd, it is a famous dish in India.

4. Switzerland – The country has a mix of Italian, French and German cultures. Still, it has managed to have some mouth-watering dishes of its own.

  1. La fondue – It is basically melted cheese served in a pot so that one may easily dip bread.
  2. La longeole – It is a traditional swiss sausage that is made of pork and fennel.
  3. Malakoff – It is a ball of fried cheese that tastes out of the world. People who love cheese, this is for you.
  4. Chocolates – And of course, who would not have chocolates when in Switzerland.

5. Mexico – Corn, pepper vegetables, avocados, sweet potatoes; Maxicans know how to best utilise them.

  1. Taco – A tortilla made of corn and topped with a filling including beef, pork, chicken, seafood, beans, vegetables, and cheese.
  2. Chili con carne – It is basically a tomato and meat soup that is spicy and tastes amazing. 
  3. Guacamole – It is an avocado based dip made from mashed-up avocados, onions, chilli peppers, tomatoes, clove, garlic, and lemon juice. It is usually used as a dip for taco.

This might just give you an idea about the diverse cuisine that exists but definitely this is not all. There are more to the list but these should be tried out whenever you travel to these countries.

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