Directed by Kari Skogland, Marvel Comics has been able to gather an audience for its miniseries the Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is set after the timeframe of the film Avengers: Endgame (2019).  It will be quite a gripping season telling the audience how America survives without its heroes and what happens to the supporting characters of Avengers.

The first episode that was aired on 19th March opens with a fight between the Falcon and a group of terrorists. As one may have guessed, the Falcon enjoys his victory over the “bad people” but he also contemplates the ownership of the shield handed over by Captain America before his death. 

On the other hand, the Winter Soldier has been traumatised after the “Snap”. No doubt he has been pardoned and is advised therapy but the Winter Soldier is unable to overcome his nightmares. He still holds himself responsible for murdering people. 

Though depicting the unfolding of future events in the miniseries would be like an empty glass half full, one can expect to know who possesses the shield after the Falcon hands it over to the Government as it starts becoming a burden. The narrative reveals may depict the challenges faced by the Falcon for carrying the shield as he is a black residing in America. The writer, Malcolm Spellman, and director may try to bring out the racial discrimination faced by the Falcon and other black people in the country. The makers might also throw light on the traumatic life of the Winter Soldier who has been fighting for more than 100 years. Still battling with his dark side, it would be interesting to see the Winter Soldier fight the evil within himself. 

As an audience you may think who will save America? Who will be their Hero? Who is the keeper of the shield? Will the Falcon take charge? Will the Winter Soldier overcome the trauma and fight his inner evil? But nothing can be predicted by watching the first episode of the season. The makers have been smart enough to not have been giving away hints that may answer the WHOs and WHATs. 

Wa can only wait till the next episode to be able to get some clue. Also, buy enough tissues to wipe away tears as one may expect some highlights on the plight of black people living in the U.S. and PTSD.

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