Monday’s match will go down in history for not one but many reasons. FC Barcelona’s win, securing the second place by being ahead of Real Madrid, winning 17 consecutive games at LaLiga and, Messi appearing for the 767th time in a Barcelona jersey and sharing the position with Xavi. Smashing Huesca on Monday, Messi till now has 661 goals and 263 assists for Barca.

Some LaLiga highlights

  • Messi becomes the only player to score 20 plus LaLiga goals for the 13th consecutive season.
  • He scored the first goal and last goal for Barcelona on Monday. The winning score was 4-1 and the Barcas triumphed over Huesca.
  • Messi’s 661 total goals for Barcelona cleared him of second place. Cesar Rodriguez now stands second to Lionel in the club’s goalscoring record book.
  • The celebrations for Messi does not end here. He now lifts a grand total of 34 trophies with his team.
  • Messi is the second player in LaLiga to reach double figures for both goals and assist (26 goals and 10 assist) this season in all competitions after team-mate Antoine Griezmann who stands at 13 goals and 11 assists.
  • FC Barcelona needs four points to surpass the league-leaders Atletico Madrid.

Sharing the same place as Xavi

Xavi and Messi seemingly came close together and bonded well during the team’s glorious years of winning Champions Leagues and LaLiga titles. Xavi has always been fond of Messi and gave him the highest regards, higher than the other players. The reason is simple. Messi has always been a star who feels proud of setting new records; just like winning the Ballon d’Or six times till now.

Xavi thinks Messi has been quite a consistent player in the last few years and his hard work always pays off on the field.

Messi, known for talking less in front of the media, holds the same regard for Xavi and for him “he is the best player in the history of Spanish football’.

It is seldom seen that players break each other’s records bond so well. Maybe its the game; the love for football.

It was a treat to the eyes to see him win the title of Man of the Match (Monday) and Man of the Month (February), all on the same day. With messages flowing in from around the world, Messi received love from his team-mates too.

Suarez congratulated him with his kind words. He said “you’re still breaking records,”  and “I think this one says a lot about you as a player and what you represent for Barcelona’. “We think you’re extraordinary, something from another planet,” said Neymar, another FC Barcelona player. The celebrations did not stop there. Ronaldinho along with other Barcelona legends paid tribute to Lionel Messi after his remarkable 767th appearance.

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