Scenic hills and sparkling beaches are now passé – clear night skies with twinkling stars are the new travel goals. Experts in the travel and tourism industry say astro-tourism is the next big travel trend. It is perfect for people who love to stargaze and are fascinated by the starry constellations in the night sky. Visit beautiful scenic places with less air and light pollution to ensure a clear view of the skies, and spend the night stargazing!

When it comes to exploring astro-tourism destinations, the best places are those less travelled. To witness the true beauty of the night sky, one has to travel far from the city. A vast expanse of the dark sky, undisturbed by any light pollution, is one of the basic necessities for stargazing.

Listed below are some of the best places to experience astro-tourism across the world.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

The Aurora Borealis, popularly known as the Northern Lights, is one of the must-see attractions for most stargazing lovers. Head to Fairbanks in Alaska between September and mid-April when the skies are clear and dark, offering spectacular views. Witness the flickering green and purple lights reflected off the hot springs of Chena.

Lapland, Finland

Visit the northernmost region of Finland and one has a chance to see the Aurora Borealis nearly 200 nights of the year, provided the sky is clear. Be ready to withstand long cold nights and experience the magic of northern lights. Usually green in color, the celestial show in Lapland sometimes also has pink flashes.


Located just two degrees south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. With an immensely sparse population, the country has almost no light pollution. This is why tourists are flocking to this little island for the ultimate pleasure of stargazing and to literally sleep under the green sparks of Aurora Borealis.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

This picturesque destination is an astro-tourism hotspot. Surrounded by glaciers, Lake Tekapo during the day is a scenic marvel thanks to its turquoise blue water. As night falls, the sight becomes even more magical as millions of twinkling stars come into view. Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, so it is just perfect for all stargazing activities.


When it comes to astro-tourism, Norway is one of the ultimate destinations in the world. The Aurora Borealis as seen in the skies of Norway is a magical sight of wonder and beauty. A celestial dance of green, blue, pink and violet lights are seen in the vast expanse of the dark sky. Norway is also a booming destination to witness special astronomical events like eclipses, meteor showers, and more.

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