Wanda Vision is Marvel’s very first attempt at making a sitcom for the Disney Plus television network. On 15th January 2021, the very first episode was aired and since then WandaVision started the journey of amalgamating the dwell lives of Wanda, one as an Avenger and the other as a woman. We shall walk into the world of WandaVision and into their land of keeping love and superpowers hand-in-hand. The new Disney Plus Marvel show can be an otherworldly experience even for Marvel fans. Hence it is important to understand the setting and a bit of background before streaming WandVision.

The episodes of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision take place in a continuum after 3 weeks of Avenger’s Endgame (2019) where Vision was already dead. In this sitcom, Wanda and her Android lover Vision lives in an idyllic suburb, Westview, in New Jersey around the 1950s. The entire setting represents a TV sitcom where Wanda, Vision, their children, neighbors, and everyone else is a part of the sitcom that goes for decades from monochromatic images to colored ones. This sitcom is evidently being viewed by people outside the television world of Westview. WandaVision thus creates a disintegration between two worlds where the reality of one world is apparent to the other. 

Wanda having the powers of telekinesis and reality-warping tries to fit in and lead a normal life. Vision on the other hand also tries hard to hide his powers and merge with the people around him. The story entangles the deep desires of Wanda craving for a life away from her duties of saving the world and fighting for the weak. From bringing her lover back to life to building a eutopic space for themselves she follows the dream of a strong woman and wishes to live her life on her own terms. 

Follow the link below to get a synopsis of the episodes till now:


To watch the recent godly excellence of the MCU a Disney Plus subscription is a must. A great relief to this condition is that Disney Plus subscriptions are quite affordable. We shall provide our viewers with a rate chart of the subscription for different countries:

  • USA- $6.99
  • Canada- $9.99
  • UK-  £5.99
  • Australia- $8.99
  • India- ₹299

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