Love is in the air when you know it’s Valentine’s week. If you have a lover, there’s surely a lot that’s coming up for you. For singles, there’s the hope of finding love where failure sets the mood for couple bashing.  In short, enthusiasm and anticipation define the mid-February ambiance for all youngsters.

Amidst love and overflowing emotions what we cannot forget is the world we live in. the capitalist society embedded deep within our hearts knit tidily over our human emotions so that the valuation of each act is primarily estimated on monetary terms.

 Valentine’s day comes with a long Valentine’s week. Each day from 7th to 14th February marks some special event that is traditionally perceived as the process of initiating romance. The days progress from the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day to finally Valentine’s day. Although not all these days involve a particular commodity as the signifier of romantic love, expression becomes easier with expenditure. Hence, along with roses, chocolates and teddies come a stock of other objects to express the emotions of promises, hugs and kisses. A proposal has always been about exchanging commodities, especially rings.

Cutting out the cynicism from the process of commodifying emotions, it is an undeniable fact that one feels delighted to be able to give their partners a thing they’d love and receiving gifts makes people feel special. However, the real problem lies not in these feelings of happiness. A marketing technique working behind the entire concept and mandating these feelings for the sheer purpose of making profits is what the concern might actually be.

February is a month when our notification bars overflow with offers and discounts from all shopping and food delivery apps and flyers move around the streets and at every home’s main door suggesting multiple ways to display love and concern with their particular commodities. We avail of these offers every year and bestow the marketing teams with the best Valentine’s day gift.

Commodification is an integral part of today’s life. Hence, a Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Spend well and have a great time.

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