California is where the heart of wanderlust ridden souls rest. Its diverse natural beauty can wash away the stress and mundanity of everyday life and add a breath of freshness to your life. California offers everything right from the scintillating glass beach of Fort Bragg to the dreamy alleys of Palm Springs. So if you are looking for a quick escape after a long and tiresome week in California, then here are some destinations that will rejuvenate you in no time. 

Pismo Beach

Situated halfway between san Francisco and Los Angeles, this beach is a convenient weekend getaway destination if you are staying in any of these two cities. This small coastal town is known for its pristine beaches and numerous wineries. Pismo beach makes for an amazing budget weekend destination as the lodging and food in the area are pocket friendly. It makes for the best place for bird watchers, star gazers and surfers. 

Napa Valley

If you are looking for a tipsy timeout, then there is nothing better than a weekend in the vineyards of Napa Valley. It is a foodies paradise with the town boasting a number of restaurants and diners catering a diverse spread of cuisines. Napa Valley makes for an amazing biking trip as well. The paved paths that run through the town and the beaten paths in and around the vineyards all make for a unique terrain to cover on your two wheeler.  

Yosemite National Park

Nature has put in its best effort within the 1,200 square miles area of the Yosemite National Park. You can find water falls, deep valleys, rolling meadows, giant sequoias and so much more. Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains this weekend getaway option is well equipped with high quality lodging and dining facilities. It is a good hiking trail for those seeking an adventurous escape for a weekend. 


The beautiful valley of Idyllwild valley is the best of nature spotted with futuristic housing examples. You can plan exciting camping tours in this region and get the opportunity to be one with nature. This is a part residential part tourist area that is marked by steep mountains, dense forest cover and rocky trails.

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