Not all foods are called food. Some are delicacies…

Caviar is something that one can immediately connect with luxury. A small mother of pearl spoon topped with the tiny, firmly delicate, black pearl-like beads, with some jazz playing in the background. You’re in one of the finest rooftop restaurants in the city. The spoon enters your mouth. You don’t chew the beads, you feel them with your tongue as it slowly melts into a buttery fat with the taste of an ocean engulfing your senses. The city line blurs at a distance…

And that’s how you have caviar.

What is Caviar?

The first question that pops in your head when you hear the word caviar along with the hype associated with it is, “what this thing is?” In plain words, caviar is fish eggs. It is taken from sturgeon fishes that are widely available in the Russian and Ukrainian rivers and North American freshwater. The female sturgeon lays eggs after a maturity period of 10 to 15 years. Once they reach this age, it lays eggs every 2 to 5 years.

Caviar was initially a part of the Russian fishing community’s staple diet. Hence, the sturgeon eggs are known as ‘roe’, a name given by the fishermen. Later it emerged as a delicacy and was named caviar. Now it costs a minimum of $65 for every 30gms.

Caviar has variable qualities. The quality depends on its color, texture, flavor and maturity. The finer caviar comes from the eggs procured from older sturgeons. These are firmer with the fishy flavor being more intense. The most recognized varieties of caviar are:

·         Beluga

·         Sterlet

·          Kaluga hybrid

·          American osetra

·          Ossetra

·         Siberian sturgeon

·          Sevruga

Find more about the different categories of caviar:

Different Ways you can have Caviar

If you’re dogmatic about the delicacies you savor, you might wanna have a spoonful of caviar by itself. However, it can be paired with several items and the most common being crackers and hard-boiled eggs. The extensive aquaculture in today’s market has made caviar more available, hence it is used in many dishes and quite often.

Caviar is commonly paired with blini or crème fraîche. Some special preparations are mentioned below. Get the recipes here

·         Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon, Caviar and Dill Cream

·         Omelet with Pressed Caviar and Sour Cream

·         Salmon Trout Tartare with Pressed Caviar and Tomatoes

·         Roasted Fingerling Potato and Pressed Caviar Canapés

·         Cauliflower Fritters

·         Sorrel Mousse with Lemon Cream

Caviar is perhaps a fishy affair. Its identity as eggs is often related to the symbol of fertility. It is regarded as an aphrodisiac food and was once recommended to treat impotency. The rolling of the beads in your mouth and melting into a salty, fishy butter is perfect for a date night or your honeymoon dinner.

 It’s always nice to indulge in some luxury. So do not think twice before taking your fist spoon of caviar!

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