Wanderlust has driven people across landscapes. The quest for beauty, peace, happiness, adventure, thrill and various other emotions have played pivotal roles in inspiring these journeys. But with the rising rate of population growth and industrial development, another factor has also become important in spurring the sense of wanderlust – pollution. While the Air Quality Index (AQI) is slowly rising in most places across the world, people are looking for any and every opportunity to run away from it – if not permanently, then at least for a little while. 

While the whole world is fighting the evils of pollution, Bhutan has secured itself as the only carbon-negative country. It makes this country the best destination for travelers who are seeking clean air, jaw-dropping scenery, and lush greenery. So why don’t we embark upon a little journey of our own and explore it through this blog!

Traveling to Bhutan

Bhutan sits neatly tucked in the lap of the Himalayas, with India to its south and Tibet (China) to its north. It is a fairly new travel destination with tourism having started only in 1974. The unique culture and traditions of this country have attracted many tourists since. Though it must be mentioned that the authorities of Bhutan have done a commendable job in preserving its beauty and environment even with a rise in tourism.  

Bhutan has only 1 international airport situated in Paro. It is situated beautifully on the bank of river Paro and is a sight to behold by itself. Apart from this, there are 3 other airports in the country at Gelephu, Jakar, and Trashigang. The most common mode of transportation within the country is by the Road Safety and Transport Authority of Bhutan (RSTA)’s buses and rental cars.

Places to visit

There are several places you can visit in Bhutan to witness nature and culture at its best. The unmissable locations in this country include the spectacular capital of Thimphu, the picturesque valley of Punakha, and the simply beautiful Paro. Another place that you should visit while in Bhutan is Phuentsholing. This city is the gateway of Bhutan from India. 

Unlike the other countries around the world, the government of Bhutan takes into account its people’s happiness while determining its development. This is evident from the positivity and the good vibes that this place exudes. So if you are looking for a destination that will give you a physical as well as a mental detox, then Bhutan should be your next stop.

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