FAU-G, the Indian action game, exhibits a unique blend of patriotism and gaming. The game when announced for the first time in September 2020 got extremely hyped with PUBG and many other Chinese apps getting banned in India. On the 72nd Republic Day of India, FAU-G was launched with more than one million downloads on Google Play Store on the very first day.  

Download the game to experience here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ncoregames.faug

2020 witnessed several military unrests at the LAC with the intrusion of Chinese troops and combats between India and China. In the meantime, India banned several Chinese apps and established the idea of ‘atmanirbhar Bharat’. FAU-G (Fearless and United-Guards) is a rendition of this idea where Indians are encouraged to avoid foreign products and use ones made in their own country.

The gameplay is set in the Galwan valley that was subjected to a war between India and China in the year 2020. It displays a Sikh army officer who took charge of avenging the enemies for the sake of the country’s safety and his martyred soldier brothers. In the real Galwan valley fight, there was a melee between the two parties and hence, FAU-G’s single-player campaign does not have any fire weapon. It features fist and kick fights and some melee weapons that you can gather by killing the enemies. These weapons have names like ‘Lalkaar’, and ‘Tandav’ that set this game apart from PUBG.

Know how to play the game better with these tips and tricks: https://www.bgr.in/features/faug-mobile-game-2021-tips-and-tricks-how-to-get-weapons-check-how-to-play-faug-game-best-loot-place-new-mode-faug-guide-and-many-more-936247/

FAU-G offers you an in-game merchandise store that is subjected to raise funds for the Indian army. As PUBG was an extremely popular game among Indian gamers, FAU-G seems to take its place with an added tinge of patriotism. The game was initially established with just the single-player campaign mode, however, the battle royale and team deathmatches are being promised to come soon.

Although there are criticisms that suggest the game becoming boring after a point of time, the upcoming modes are expected to heighten the excitement. The game begins with the background storyline that displays the melee between Indian and Chinese soldiers. The graphics of the game has been widely acclaimed. Once the gameplay is improved, it can become a gamers’ favorite in India.

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