In an exclusive email interview, Signal Messenger COO, Aruna Harder writes how and why Signal’s encrypted chat messenger app is better than Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger.

Aruna Harder, Chief Operating Officer of Signal Messenger says, “People are coming to realize that Facebook does not build products for them, but rather Facebook builds products for their data,” and understanding WhatsApp’s social networking policies are too critical from a users point of view.

The privacy-focused messenger app, Signal logged 26.4 million new between 4 January and 17 January, only in India, as per the data received from the app analytics firm Sensor Tower. Ever since WhatsApp altered it privacy policy, Signal and Telegram have retained their top ranks on Apple Store in over 70 countries Google’s Play Store in more than 50 countries.

 Between 4 January and 17 January, Telegram recorded 9.1 million downloads, i.e. a 160% jump from the preceding stretch. Although WhatsApp has not recorded major downfall and has got 5 million new downloads from India during the same time frame.

Through an email interaction, Signal COO highlighted Signal’s unique feature, not meddling with anyone’s privacy. “We collect no data, have no ads ever, and are not driven by profit. We are directly tied to what the millions of people who use Signal every day want. Those are the only people we are beholden to, no shareholders or investors. That’s why our policies are very straightforward.”

Hard stresses upon Signal not focusing on money-making schemes but, “Signal is an independent nonprofit, and our only mission is to protect people and help maintain their privacy. We are built to act in the public’s interest, to try and make a meaningful contribution to society by building sustainable technology that respects people and does not rely on the monetization of personal data.”

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