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Recently there was a huge controversy regarding Myntra’s logo being offensive towards women. Naaz Patel, an activist based in Mumbai, working for an NGO, Avesta Foundation, demanded the logo of this e-commerce company be changed. According to DCP Rashmi Karandikar of Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Department, the logo was offensive and an email was sent […]Continue Reading
Food News
Not all foods are called food. Some are delicacies… Caviar is something that one can immediately connect with luxury. A small mother of pearl spoon topped with the tiny, firmly delicate, black pearl-like beads, with some jazz playing in the background. You’re in one of the finest rooftop restaurants in the city. The spoon enters […]Continue Reading
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Wanderlust has driven people across landscapes. The quest for beauty, peace, happiness, adventure, thrill and various other emotions have played pivotal roles in inspiring these journeys. But with the rising rate of population growth and industrial development, another factor has also become important in spurring the sense of wanderlust – pollution. While the Air Continue Reading
News Technology
In an exclusive email interview, Signal Messenger COO, Aruna Harder writes how and why Signal’s encrypted chat messenger app is better than Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger. Aruna Harder, Chief Operating Officer of Signal Messenger says, “People are coming to realize that Facebook does not build products for them, but rather Facebook builds products for their data,” […]Continue Reading