The farmers protest in India continues as there is no breakthrough after several rounds of talks between the Centre and farmers. Standing their grounds firmly, the #DelhiChalo is witnessing thousands of farmers who have been peacefully protesting since September 20 after the Indian Government passed the agriculture bill. The farmers are adamant for repealing the new bill, for they believe that with no safeguards to protect them against the big corporates, this new legislation will bring down their product prices drastically, further increasing the farmers’ exploitation.

As the protest gathers more and more support; even from foreign countries apart from the people of the country, the government is yet to reform the law. While news of the strike and the centre’s treatment with the farmers keeps surfacing every day, the latest is the Pizza Langar news.

The plights of the farmers are inspiring people and celebrities too have not deterred from speaking for the farmers right. Recently a group of five friends from Amritsar organized a pizza- langar at the Singhu border in support of the protesting farmers. As images and videos of farmers with pizza surfaces, the internet is breaking with mixed reactions from various sections of the society. If reports are to be believed around 400 pizzas were distributed within a few minutes. Shabir Singh Sandhu, one of the langar organizers, said to PTI, “The farmers who gave the dough for pizzas can also afford to have one themselves.”

While most have applauded the good intentions of the boys for organizing the pizza-langar, many have taken a gibe against the farmers for having pizzas. Some are finding it unacceptable that farmers are having pizzas.

In a reply, a student remarked, “Few people just cannot digest that a farmer can have a car, wear good clothes and have a pizza. The farmer has moved on from dhoti-kurta to jeans and a T-shirt.”

The pizza-langar is one of the langars that has been attracting people in many ways, and the organizers have said that this langar will get bigger and better with time.

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