Searching rigorously for WhatsApp’s payment option on your mobile? Can’t find it yet, right?

Well, the option is not available for all!

After months of the announcement, ­WhatsApp Pay option is not yet available for all Indians. Friday, November 6, WhatsApp announced that the WhatsApp Pay feature would be available in India starting from that day onwards. In a blog, WhatsApp had stated announcing its feature, “Starting today, people across India will be able to send money through WhatsApp. This secure payment experience makes transferring money just as easy as sending a message. People can safely send money to a family member or share the cost of goods from a distance without having to exchange cash in person or going to a local bank.”

WhatsApp has constructed its pay feature in partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) using UPI payment service, which is India’s first, real-time payment service enabling 

transaction supported by over 160 banks.

Further, WhatsApp mentions, “In the long run, we believe the combination of WhatsApp and UPI’s unique architecture can help local organizations address some of the key challenges of our time, including increasing rural participation in the digital economy, and delivering financial services to those who have never had access before.” 

But what is bothering the public is that the service despite having its official launch a month back, the Pay feature isn’t yet available for many. 

This news comes after NPCI mandated the expansion of WhatsApp’s UPI user base, in a graded manner starting with a maximum registered user base of twenty (20) million.” So that’s the reason why every Indian does not have access to this service at the moment. The option has rolled out for only twenty million users for the time being. The company has responded to this saying, “We’ll continue to work with them [the NPCI] to make it available to everyone over time.”

All we can do at the moment is, wait till we are included in the next set of users!

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