Technology is evolving at a light speed and amidst the present 4th Industrial Revolution; the exponentially evolving trends have all the more accelerated the rate of change. 2020 has changed our outlook and approach. Just like innovations and changes are being brought about in technological trends, IT professionals have realized their dynamic role in this current contactless-world that will be leading the way for tomorrow. Understanding the tech-trend of 2020 will prepare us for 2021.

Top technology trends shaping our future

  • Unhackable Quantum Internet: Quantum physicists are aiming to build quantum networks providing the highest level of security that is impossible with the present communication. Led by Stephanie Wehner, a professor at the Delft University of Technology, the team is trying to connect four cities in the Netherlands by using this technology. Any form of written communication over this network will be protected and unhackable. The Deft network will be the first one to use this end to end quantum technique for transferring information between cities. The technology works on quantum behaviour of the atomic particles, and this mechanism is known as entanglement.
  • Hyper-Personalized Medicine: The healthcare industry is getting reconstructed with the help of genome sequencing and CRISPR engineering. One of the latest trends, this has allowed industry experts to personalize genomics as a revolution in the field of medicines and treatments. These new drugs can be tailored to a person’s genes and chances to fight the cause with a genetic fix increases.
  • Anti-Ageing Drugs: Senolytics are showing promising results in treating ailments by focusing on a natural ageing process, and its first wave of human testing has already begun. As the name suggests, these drugs have been tailored to treat specific conditions by either slowing it down or reversing the fundamental ageing process. The drugs are not intended to increase one’s longevity though. Senolytics remove certain cells that keep accumulating as we age. Senolytics, along with treating ageing, have also shown positive signs in targeting the biological process of various other diseases. 
  • Quantum Supremacy: Quantum Supremacy is a programmable quantum device that has the capability of solving problems that no other classical computers can solve in a given time. Better said that they could manage to tackle problems that even the most powerful super-computers would take ages to crack. And Google bears witness to this. Apart from Google, brands like Honeywell, Microsoft, Splunk, AWS and many more are involved in innovating in the field of Quantum Computing.
  • Tiny AI: Tiny AI is a joint effort of the AI community to reduce the oversize of their algorithms. It’s much smaller algorithm can be used on the device itself, relieving users from sending data to the cloud. Apart from bringing in many possibilities, the users of Tiny AI algorithm will be capable of increasing data security and privacy.

As we approach closer to the end of 2020; we wait to see how the tech-trends of 2020 thrive in 2021, and what all possibilities and innovations the year brings with itself! 

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