As social distancing remains to be the only viable option for years to come, travel and tourism businesses are adhering to the same while re-opening itself for tourists again.

2020 will be etched in the history of mankind. It’s past eight months since the COVID-19 pandemic, yet sitting in November 2020, neither has the pandemic left nor has its effects on humankind dwindled. All facets of life have been hit hard by the pandemic and the tourism industry is one of the industries that have been the most affected one. 

Left with no choice, most of the countries had to shut its door to tourists for time unknown due to the global pandemic outbreak. Safety protocols around the world seized flights; both national and international and all forms of transportations, leaving people locked and the world tourism industry at its all-time low. 

As per 2019’s report, global tourism contributed an approximate of $8.9 trillion to the world’s GDP but incurred a loss of $195 billion globally due to the impacts of COVID-19 during the first quarter of 2020. Speaking statistically, the global revenue for the travel and tourism industry will be going down the chart by 42.1 per cent from the last year’s total revenue. An estimate of 396.37 billion U.S. dollars will be the total revenue for 2020 against an approx of 712 billion dollars, previously forecasted for 2020.

France, one of the most visited tourist destination with over 89 million tourists each year, has incurred a revenue loss of approx. £8.7m, making it the third most affected country in the world with the most financial loss due to the pandemic. 

The face of tourism in the coming days

Though it is not yet certain when the pandemic will be eradicated once and for all, governments, however, have started resorting manners to go get back to one’s normal life while adjusting to the ‘new normal’, and that applies for the tourism industry too. As social distancing remains to be the only viable option for years to come, travel and tourism businesses are adhering to the same while re-opening itself for tourists again. 

  • Local travel over international:  Keeping safety in mind, people might keep to local destinations rather than availing an international trip. This short distance travel is a safer choice for tourists of all age. The aviation industry too might resort to safer seating options to gain momentum. The cost of local destinations over international ones may also be a consideration for many.
  • Road trips above local transports: Road trips may surge up in the post corona travel world. Avoiding public or local transports have a higher chance of spreading the virus and could be fatal for many. Road trips which were prior to this considered as only adding excitement to any trip may now become the reason for personal safety. 
  • Rural over the city: Businesses that are into homestays, eco stays, and village tours might gain momentum over city tourism for the same. And due to the tourist preference, the local business operators may witness a good inflow of customers. 

As most of the industries around the world are starting to re-operate, the travel and tourism industry will recover and lead the way by following the four macro-trends: demanding evolution, prioritizing health & hygiene, bringing innovation & digitalization and through sustainable development. 

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