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Google Chrome Will Now Allow Users To Easily Find Recently Closed Tabs

How many times has it happened that you have accidentally closed a tab on your Google Chrome browser before you were finished with it? If you are in the

The Untold Story of Mughlai Cuisine

The Untold Story of Mughlai Cuisine

Food is the ultimate love of most people inhabiting this planet. With the ever-increasing number of food bloggers, one can easily conclude that people have

PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile India gets a thumbs up from the Indian Government

Though no official announcement has been made, the fans are excited to know that PUBG Mobile India is about to be relaunched after its ban in September

Plan Your Vacation To These Quintessential Places In Scotland

Plan Your Vacation To These Quintessential Places In Scotland

The beautiful country of Scotland in the UK has a lot to offer to its visitors. The soulful music, the mesmerising highlands, the never-ending beaches, the


Fall in gold prices. Should I invest now?

A sudden drop in the price of gold by almost 21 percent below the lowest reach that was last year in India may want people to rethink before investing.

Biden's First Address to Congress

4 Key Takeaways From Biden’s First Address to Congress

After 36 years in the Senate and serving as Vice President for eight years, Joe Biden is no stranger to State of the Union addresses in the Congress. But

Maharashtra Union Budget

Maharashtra Union Budget puts major focus on infrastructure

On March 8, Maharashtra Finance Minister Ajit Pawar presented the State Union Budget for the year 2021-22. A total budget of Rs. 4,84,118.19 crore was

Google Search Console Update
Digital Marketing

Google Search Console Introduces 2 Improvements On Performance Reports

Google has rolled out two brand new features for Google Search Console performance reports, aimed at improving the efficiency of data analysis reports.


When Messi’s Barcelona shirt was seen for the 767th time on field

Monday’s match will go down in history for not one but many reasons. FC Barcelona’s win, securing the second place by being ahead of Real Madrid, winning

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Things you should know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

With changes in the modern lifestyle and eating habits, it has been noticed that women suffer from a number of gynaecological problems starting from a very